Badgemore Park

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One Ball: £35.00 Two Ball: £70.00 Three Ball: £100.00 Four Ball: £120.00

08:0408:1208:2008:28 exclamation mark08:3608:4408:52
09:00 exclamation mark09:0809:1609:24 exclamation mark09:32 exclamation mark

One Ball: £27.50 Two Ball: £55.00 Three Ball: £75.00 Four Ball: £100.00

10:1210:2010:52 exclamation mark
11:00 exclamation mark11:08 exclamation mark11:1611:2411:32 exclamation mark11:40 exclamation mark11:4811:56

One Ball: £25.00 Two Ball: £50.00 Three Ball: £67.50 Four Ball: £80.00

12:04 exclamation mark12:1212:2012:2812:3612:4412:52
13:00 exclamation mark13:0813:1613:2413:3213:4013:4813:56

One Ball: £20.00 Two Ball: £40.00 Three Ball: £60.00 Four Ball: £80.00

18:04 exclamation mark18:12 exclamation mark18:20 exclamation mark18:28 exclamation mark18:36 exclamation mark18:44 exclamation mark18:52 exclamation mark
19:00 exclamation mark19:08 exclamation mark19:16 exclamation mark19:24 exclamation mark19:32 exclamation mark19:40 exclamation mark19:48 exclamation mark19:56 exclamation mark

A exclamation mark symbol indicates a time with limited availability. Hover your mouse over the symbol for the details of the availability at that time.

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